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Date: 15 february 2018

Type of publication: news

Specialists of Racurs and SmartSpatio Technologies carried out seminars and master-classes dedicated to PHOTOMOD photogrammetric technologies from January, 29 to February, 2. The geography of events included Chinese cities: Hohhot, Tianjin and Shanghai.

The main task of the seminars was to introduce new functional capabilities of PHOTOMOD 6.3 system to the users. Generation of dense DSM and creation of true-ortho on the territory with multistorey restrained urban conditions, that is typical for China are very actual for Chinese specialists. Participants highly appreciated the method realized in the new PHOTOMOD version. It significantly increases the speed of orthophoto creation on urban territory.

The development of geoinformation technologies in China rests not only on its own satellite sensors such as Gaofen-2, Beijing-2 (TripleSat), Tianhui-1, Ziyun-3, but on UAV data. All civil remote sensing data received by Chinese satellites is supported in PHOTOMOD. DJI UAVs that are not always characterized by stable flight and use of calibrate cameras are very popular in China. That is why questions about features of UAV images processing were one of the master-classes themes.

Practical use of results of remote sensing data processing in China follows the way of creating 3D models of cities. China is rightly seen as one of the leaders in the field of SmartCity technologies, which require high-precision 3D data. New functionalities of 3D-modeling in PHOTOMOD were demonstrated during the seminar. Participants emphasized the great importance of vector models as the base elements for the needs of urban planning.

The growth of geospatial information forces China to find systems that can process different remote sensing data in automatic mode. PHOTOMOD Conveyor was demonstrated in China for the first time. It is intended to process extremely large amounts of data on the high performance clusters.

Apart from holding their own seminars, representatives of Racurs and SmartSpatio took part in the conference “From Image to Digital Reality: The First Seminar on Digital China and Photogrammetry, which was held in Shanghai. The name of this event is relatable to the name of Racurs’ annual conference “FROM IMAGERY TO DIGITAL REALITY: ERS & Photogrammetry” that reflects world trends in presentation and use of spatial data.

Specialists from more than 50 organizations, including large scientific and research institutes (Wuhan University, East China Normal University, Tongji University, Zhejiang surveying and Mapping Bureau, Shanghai Surveying and Mapping Institute and others) and commercial companies of geoinformation market, became participants of the conference. The main part of reports was devoted to creation of 3D city models. Also UAVs of the own developments and interesting methods of self-calibration were presented.

Beginning from 2011 Racurs holds seminars and master-classes in China, company’s flagman product PHOTOMOD was translated to Chinese. More than 50 companies in China are the users of the program solutions of our company. In 2014 the 14th International scientific and technical conference “ From imagery to map: digital photogrammetric technologies” was held by Racurs in China (Hainan). Geoinformation market of China is definitely one of the most perspectives in the world, requiring software providers to develop and improve their developments constantly.