PHOTOMOD 7.5 New version of the photogrammetric platform

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Date: 22 december 2023

Type of publication: news

PHOTOMOD 7.5 is the continued development of our new approach to photogrammetric processing of remote sensing data. Photogrammetric platform PHOTOMOD consists of several software components (DPW PHOTOMOD, PHOTOMOD UAS, PHOTOMOD AutoUAS, PHOTOMOD GeoMosaic, PHOTOMOD Conveyor and some useful applications) joined all together by general algorithms, ideology, and data organization.

The main new PHOTOMOD capabilities are as follows

  • Training and classification of point cloud using neural network algorithms
  • Ergonomic improvements of the Area to cutlines addition mode
  • A capability to select GPU used in the Distributed Processing Monitor
  • Automatic texturing of vector 3D models with using images from a project
  • New tools of texture editing in PHOTOMOD 3D-Mod
  • Updated PHOTOMOD GeoCalculator interface
  • More….

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