PHOTOMOD AutoUAS – software for fully automatic processing of UAS images with the simplest interface.
The newest version: 7.51.4520 ×64
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  • The purpose of the software package is prompt full-automatic processing of materials acquired by unmanned cameras that carried out using a workstation or a portable device (laptop) and obtaining spatial products: digital terrain models (DTM), TrueOrtho and 3D models of two types (DSM + TrueOrtho or LAS + Textures), as well as PHOTOMOD AutoUAS final product visualizations.
  • Available data processing methods (Precise, Optimal and Fast) allows obtaining products having the resolution depending on acceptable software running time. The precise method is for producing output products with the resolution that matches the pixel size of the source data (approximate data processing speed – from 5 sq. km per hour); the optimal method - with 2-pixel resolution (from 10 sq. km per hour); and the fast method - with 4-pixel resolution (from 34 sq. km per hour).
  • Version of PHOTOMOD AutoUAS for Linux operating system.
This software is intended for organizations that need to promptly receive monitoring metric 3D information about objects of their interest (security agencies, EMERCOM, organizations operating linear objects, pipelines, and etc.).
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