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PHOTOMOD Radar Viewer — free version of PHOTOMOD Radar for SAR images viewing

PHOTOMOD Radar Viewer is intended for viewing the Earth surface images, acquired by space synthetic aperture radar sensors ERS-1/2, Radarsat, "Almaz-1", SIR-C/X, as well as the raster images in formats USGS, GTOPO30, GeoTIFF, Tiff and BMP.

PHOTOMOD DirectGeoreferencing — calculations of estimating accuracy assessment of terrain measurements

Calculations of estimating accuracy assessment of terrain measurements are performed with images on the base of a survey geometry (a height of flight, an overlap, camera parameters) and a specified accuracy of exterior orientation (EO) parameters.

PHOTOMOD Datum Parameters — calculations of datum parameters

Calculation of datum parameters — allows to calculate parameters of datum using two set of identical points in different coordinate system. In each set should be at least 3 points. These parameters include scale, 3 angular rotation parameters, 3 linear offset parameters.

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