Program for neural network processing of lidar data.
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PHOTOMOD Neuro capabilities
  • Processing lidar data using neural networks.
  • PHOTOMOD Neuro contains a set of software tools for classifying lidar data, both obtained by hardware methods from lidars and obtained by photogrammetric methods.
Data processing technology
Data processing technology
  • The software allows automatically classifying of point cloud and highlighting objects of the following types - land, vegetation, building, car, asphalt, street furniture. The software comes with a neural network trained to recognize these objects.
  • The opportunity to train the neural network on their objects for automatic classification.
  • To create training samples for automated manual classification.
Support and Training
  • Easy to install and configure.
  • Easy to learn, easy to use.
  • Prompt and effective technical support.
  • Various levels of training in working with the system
  • Full user manual.

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Automatic classification block

Classification of point cloud using a trained neural network.

Training block

Creating a new neural network model for classifying new types of objects.

Automated classification in manual mode

Creating training samples for the training block. Editing the results of automatic classification.

To work comfortably with the PHOTOMOD Neuro, we recommend the following computer configuration:

  • CPU: Intel Core i7 processor with a base frequency of 3 GHz or similar;
  • RAM: at least 16 GB (recommended - 32 GB);
  • modern NVIDIA with support for CUDA 11 and video memory of at least 4Gb;
  • disk space of at least 1 GB;
  • Operating system Microsoft Windows 10 x64.

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