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Bibliography of PHOTOMOD

... Newsletter (Russia), #2, 2009. A.D. Chekurin, A.N. Pirogov. PHOTOMOD Lite — the new free Racurs software. GIS-Association Newsletter (Russia), #1, 2009. A.Yu. Sechin. Some... ... at Kampsax India Private Limited. Map Asia 2002, August 07 - 09, Bangkok, Thailand, Conference Proceedings, Session Digital Image Analysis Vjaters J., Mirov S. Large Scale... ..., pp. 4/19-4/21 Brandstaetter G., Sharov A. Digital photogrammetrie im Dienste der Geoinformation. PROGIS SoftSeller, V. 7, 1997, pp.10-13 Reflexions sur l'orthophotographie...

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Racurs Company participated in the United Nations World Geospatial Information Congress, November 2018, Deqing, China.

... is already more than 100 companies, including governmental cartography-geodesy companies, universities and private business. Racurs regularly holds technical seminars and local conferences in different parts of China. The development of relations with Chinese part is to create cluster solutions for stream ... ... places in hotels. Nevertheless, the number of visitors was sufficient to talk about the great interest of Chinese companies to geoinformation, including photogrammetric technologies and remote sensing data. The second point of the program of the visit of ...

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INTERGEO-2018: the same subject, the different event every year.

Racurs took part in the Conference and Trade Fair for Geodesy, Geoinformation and Land Management INTERGEO 2018, which was held on October 16-18, 2018 in Frankfurt, Germany. INTERGEO is the world’s leading conference and trade fair for geodesy, geoinformation and land management. With over half a million event ...

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How Fast Time Flies: A Quarter of a Century in the Geoinformation Market.

How fast time flies! It seems that our company, Racurs, celebrated its 20th anniversary not too long ago, but now a more serious date has come: a quarter of a century. We somehow ... ... word “PHOTOMOD,” invented as a temporary name for our first version of photogrammetric system the night before the ISPRS conference in which we participated in 1995, would become one of the most known photogrammetric brands in the world. Of course, 25 years of work in the challenging geoinformation market couldn’t be completely cloudless. Along with the economic changes in Russia, our industry has also changed....

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PHOTOMOD continues to gain Chinese geoinformation market.

... holds seminars and master-classes in China, company’s flagman product PHOTOMOD was translated to Chinese. More than 50 companies in China are the users of the program solutions of our company. In 2014 the 14th International scientific and technical conference “ From imagery to map: digital photogrammetric technologies ” was held by Racurs in China (Hainan). Geoinformation market of China is definitely one of the most perspectives in the world, requiring software providers to develop and improve their developments constantly.

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