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Outdated video cards Nvidia Quadro
Due to Windows 10 updates drivers of outdated video cards Nvidia Quadro are not supported anymore. Outdated video card series are those that are not produced any longer, such as Quadro FX, Quadro K, Quadro M and Quadro from 410 to 6000 (without letters). The main disadvantage of those video cards is that they do not have the page-flipping stereo regime in the PHOTOMOD programme. Some cards of these series still have the stereo mode available for PHOTOMOD software, however it is likely to become unavailable after Windows 10 updates. In order to avoid problems while in the stereo regime, we recommend using video cards of Quadro P and Quadro RTX series. No issues have been detected while in the stereo regime for any video cards in case of using Windows 7.
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