Photogrammetry: A changing discipline. SPAR3D.

Date: 18 october 2018

Type of publication: media about us

By Eric van Rees. October 12, 2018. SPAR3D.

Racurs was founded by a group of researchers from the Russian Academy of Sciences in 1993 together with the launch of the PHOTOMOD photogrammetric system. PHOTOMOD is a digital photogrammetric system for extracting geometrically accurate spatial information from almost all commercially available types of imagery. It is mainly used for processing satellite and aerial images, aerial triangulation and block adjustment, 3D feature extraction, creating digital maps and 3D models and more. The current version of the system can be used to generate DEMs, TINs, contours lines, vectors, seamless orthomosaic, digital maps, DSM (Digital Surface Models), true orthos and 3D-models. These output data files can in turn be used as inputs for different GIS products.

PHOTOMOD is now used by specialists in more than 80 countries around the world in a total of 900 different organizations and on 10,000 workspaces. The company has 50 employees and 60 partners in 45 countries. Apart from their photogrammetric system, the company offers photogrammetric production services using airborne and satellite imagery, distributes remote sensing data in Russia and commonwealth independent state (CIS) countries and performs R&D in the remote sensing field. The company is also a sustaining member of ISPRS since 1998.

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