Aist 2D

Based on its name, the Aist-2D satellite continues a series of experimental satellites developed under tutelage of RSC Progress based in the Russian city of Samara. However, its size, complexity and technical significance goes far beyond of that provided by its two predecessors and, in many respects, represent a new step in the development of the Russian remote-sensing satellite systems.

Launch date

28 April 2016


Sun-synchronous near circular, average altitude is 490 km

Inclination is 97.3°;

Spectral bands

  • Panchromatic (0.58-0.80 nm);
  • Blue (0.45-0,52 nm);
  • Green (0.52-0.6 nm);
  • Red (0.63-0.69 nm);


  • Panchromatic - 2,0 – 2,5 m.
  • MS – 5,7 m.

Dynamic range

10 bit

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